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Video: How-to Install Extreme Weather Pet Door by PetSafe

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How-to Install Extreme Weather Pet Door by PetSafe

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The Extreme Weather Pet Door saves energy while giving your pets the freedom they deserve in hot or cold climates.


The Extreme Weather Pet Door saves energy while giving your pets the freedom they deserve in hot or cold climates.

When extreme weather hits, you want to protect your home from the cold. But you also want to be able to give your pet the opportunity to go inside and out as they need to. At PetSafe we've developed the Extreme Weather Pet Door, so this winter you can protect your home but still give your pet the freedom to come and go as they need to. This how to video will walk you through, step by step, how to install this door.

Begin by removing the door from its hinges. Now set your door on a raised work space. We recommend saw horses. Note the top and bottom of the door before cutting. You can install your pet door anywhere within the door. We've chosen to mount ours in the center.

You will need to measure the height of your dog. Measure from the floor to the top of your dog's shoulders. Mark the shoulder height on the door. If you have a raised panel door, after you have cut out your opening, you have the option of building up the lower area with wood strips to make the surface even and support the frame.

There is a shoulder height line provided on your door template. Align this with the mark that you just made on your door. You will need to leave at least three inches from the bottom of your door to the bottom of the hole you will cut for your pet door.

Once you determine your location for the pet door, tape your template into place. Using a three eights drill bit, drill holes in each of the four corners of the template. Beginning at one of the four corner holes that you've just drilled, use an appropriate cutting tool and cut along the template line.

Once you've finished cutting the hole, clean off your door, including the excess template. Measure the thickness of your door and add one inch. Note the total of these two numbers. Take your tunnel pieces and note the grooved side. Measure this distance to the nearest groove on each of your tunnel pieces and mark it.

Now slide the weather stripping pieces into the sides of the tunnel and cut them to size. Now, cut along the groove for each of your tunnel pieces. Even though the bottom piece is very thick, you will need to cut it to size as well.

Snap each tunnel piece into the door, facing out and down. The tunnel pieces should form a square. If you need to, mark and trim the length of each of the tunnel pieces so that the pieces fit squarely. Once you have a flush square, tape each of the four corners. We've chosen to install our tunnel on the interior of the door.

Now you place this section inside the hole. From the under side of the door, snap the exterior frame into place. Hold the frames together with one hand. Using one of the screws provided, insert the screw through both frames. Before you let go, use one of the nuts provided to hold the screw and each of the frames into place. Repeat this process with the remaining screws.

At this point, we flipped our door over and cut off the excess screw length. If you wish you can do this after your door has been installed. The installation of your Extreme Weather Pet Door is now complete. You can remount your door and begin training your dog.

No matter where you live or what your plans are for your pet this winter, you know the PetSafe Extreme Weather Pet Door will give you comfort and confidence, so that no matter how extreme the weather, you and your pet will be prepared.

If you encounter any problems during your installation, our trained Customer Care Agents are available to assist you.