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Video: Natural Balance Delectable Delights

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Natural Balance Delectable Delights

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Hi. I'm Dick Van Patten, and I'm here with my son, Jimmy. We'd like to tell you all about our new Delectable Delights, our newest line of stews for dogs and cats. Delectable Delights are handcrafted gourmet stews. They're made with meat, fish, fruits, and veggies. And they're slow cooked to perfection. Your pets will love them. We've developed 12 stew varieties. Some of my pets' favorites are ChopLick'n Stew, Gobbler Cobbler, Life's a Beach, and O'Fishally Scampi. Your pet will really enjoy eating them. Our dog food stews come in convenient tubs with a handy lid. So you can easily refrigerate the unused portion, which is, like, ideal for smaller dogs like mine. Look for Delectable Delights in the Natural Balance food isle or at Your pets will thank you. Dad, pets don't talk. I know that. Would you be quiet?