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Video: Bergan supplements for dogs

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Bergan supplements for dogs

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Natural health solutions shouldn't be such a pill, and now they don't have to be. Prudence supplements come in convenient easy to use stick-packs and pumps. Now your pet can enjoy the benefits of science that sticks in every optimized Prudence formula for immune health, skin, and coat, hip and joint and more. Without a game of hide and seek for either of you. Discover how easy supplements can be with Prudence. Here's Dr. Jill Cline with more on Prudence science that sticks. The supplement aisle in the pet food store is often a sea of confusion. It's hard to tell which product is the one that will be most effective for your pet. Prudence simplifies the choice. We give you all of the information you need to make the right decision. We tell you how and where Prudence works in your pet and best of all no pills. Simply sprinkle the stick-pack on your pet's food, and watch them enjoy it and then look for the results. Most hip and joint supplements focus on rebuilding cartilage. However, to truly improve hip and joint health, you must address all of the changes that happen when dogs start to have joint problems. Pain, swelling, changes in mobility as well as cartilage destruction. Natural egg membrane or NEM is an exclusive ingredient in Prudence, which has been proven to be five times more effective for overall arthritis relief than typical joint supplements. NEM increases flexibility and provides the building blocks for cartilage. Green lipped mussels or GLM, has been proven to decrease pain and swelling in dogs and contains a unique omega three fatty acid, which decreases inflammation and acts as an antioxidant to prevent further destruction of cartilage tissue. In addition, egg proteoglycan matrix can help decrease stiffness and has a special mineral called strontium, which retards bone destruction in the joint. Prudence contains Boswellia, an herb, which prevents cartilage destruction and in combination with GLM can help soothe upset stomachs in dogs that take NSAIDs for their joint pain. Prudence synergistic blend of ingredients rejuvenates cartilage, decreases inflammation and pain for overall improved mobility in your dog.