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Fresh Breeze Pad Penetrator 2X - nature's stain and odor remover. Stains and odors can penetrate deep into carpet and soak the padding within minutes. Lingering odors, even after cleaning, can remain in the pad leading to future soiling. Use a clean, dry cloth to remove excess solid or liquid waste. Then, simply saturate the soiled area covering fifty percent larger than the stain. Allow ten minutes for the unique Habit Breaker formula to reach hidden stains and odors deep in the pad. Habit Breaker attacks offensive odors completely destroying them effectively breaking the habit of repeat accidents. Gently rub the treated area with a clean, dry cloth allowing the remaining treated area to air-dry. The Habit Breaker formula will continue to clean even as the treated area is drying. Tropic Clean Fresh Breeze is the safe, natural way to clean.
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