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Video: Hill's Science Diet - Meet Ninja

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Hill's Science Diet - Meet Ninja

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Hill's Science Diet - Meet Ninja -


Hill's Science Diet - Meet Ninja -

.... Mom: We felt that we were a perfect family.. a mom and a dad and a son and a daughter. Then there wasn't a dog. Ninja found a family when he was adopted through the Food, Shelter & Love program. Daughter: It's fun having a dog. Mom: They don't have much background on him, because he was a stray. When we met him in the shelter, he was wagging his tail and real excited "oh there's people oh they're going to take me home, I know they are" Ninja just walked up right to the kids and crawled in their lap and it was love at first sight. Mom: The reason we knew that we were ready for a dog was because the kids were ready for that responsibility. We wanted to help out a dog that was needing a new home. Joe Canas, Shelter Care Specialist : You're bringing another living being into your household, your whole life is going to change. Mom: We gotten Ninja with healthy food and a healthy diet. Arran C. Dolan, Shelter Care Specialist : We are absolutely the luckiest shelter, because we are able to feed our animals some premium food. Hill's Science Diet gives superior nutrition to homeless pets in nearly 1000 shelters 365 days a year. We've donated $180 million worth of food and counting. Jeff Fankhauser, DVM, Shelter Veterinarian : They've been a pioneer in special formulations of diets for different conditions. You are what you eat or the quality of what you put in your body increases the quality of your health. The same is absolutely true for animals. I don't know that we would be able to have such healthy looking animals if it weren't for them. Ellen McElroy, Shelter Veterinary Technician : It shows a lot of our animals do better quicker. Proper nutrition makes shelter pets more adoptable. Over 5 million have gone home. Son: It's good to be healthy. Daughter :He loves us and he wants to stay with us. A dog is part of the family. We completed our family. Mary Clark, Shelter Volunteer : I think animals that would have been lost, I really greatful to be found. The Derringers gave him a family. Join us in giving 5 million more pets a home It represents to me all this happiness the light that you can give off still when it's a dog day.