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Video: Hill's Science Diet - Meet Pewter and Socks

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Hill's Science Diet - Meet Pewter and Socks

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Hill's Science Diet - Meet Pewter and Socks -


Hill's Science Diet - Meet Pewter and Socks -

I call Pewter Pooter, Putes, Buddy, Boy, Monster, Peanuts sometimes. Socks. She's mostly just Socks or Socksy. She's Buddy. She's girl. As soon as he got here, it was just like he was home. Within 15 minutes, my side of the bed was taken. I was like, this cat's great. It was meant to be. I don't think I had a say in the matter. It's a wonderful story to know that somebody would take cats that are 14 or 15 years old. I was not only willing, but had the purpose of adopting the older cats. There's a lot left in them still. Good food and proper nutrition is really important. And unfortunately, a lot of the animals that do come to us are in pretty compromised condition. We get them on Science Diet. They see healthier coats and healthier clear eyes, a stronger just essence about the animal. I think it is important that they eat foods that are good for them. Once you get them on that proper diet, you can see quite a transformation. I mean, cats will frequently live 20 years or more. I worried that if I did not adopt them, how did I know that someone else would? Pewter and Socks-- I think they know that this lady really cared enough to take them home. As soon as I'm home, I call out to them. I guess I feel like these guys need me. This is the quote. It says, "I have nothing to fear. And here my story ends. My troubles are over, and I am home." If the animals could talk, maybe that's what they would say.