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Maxi-Jet multi-use water pumps are three pumps in one: power head, utility pump and now featuring circulation pump option. -

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.... Marineland Maxi-Jet Power Head Submerged Underwater Use Before assembling your Power Head Pump you should familiarize yourself with the parts used in this setup. You will need the impeller well, the impeller assembly, the impeller cover, the under-gravel adapter, the strainer, the rotational output, the tube and tube router, and the suction cup mount. Assembling Your Power Head Begin by inserting the impeller assembly into the impeller well, and then attaching the impeller cover. Now attach the under-gravel adapter over the intake and slide the strainer onto the adapter. Assemble the rotational output and place it over the outtake. Now attach the rotational output onto the tube. Insert the tube router onto the back of the pump and attach the tube onto the tube router to secure it in place. Slide the suction cup mount onto the bottom of the pump. Attaching Your Power Head Finally, place your pump in a desired location on your aquarium by pressing down to secure the cups. Plug pump into outlet, and your Power Head Pump is ready to use. This setup was done dry, but Marineland encourages you to use water for your filter to run effectively from startup.
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