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Video: How-to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy

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How-to Prepare Your Home for a Puppy

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Simple tips on puppy proofing your home.


Simple tips on puppy proofing your home.

As a new pet parent, you'll soon find out there are lots of great products that can enrich your dog's life. But it's important you have the essentials. First, you'll need a high quality dog food, food and water bowls, a properly sized crate, a doggie bed, a six-foot leash, collar, and ID tags, and finally, a selection of toys, including some durable and stuffable chew toys. Now let's show you how to make your home safe and dog friendly. First, be aware of electrical dangers. To avoid serious injury or even death, use outlet covers and tuck away electrical cords as best you can. Cord containers are also available at most home improvement and baby stores. Next, no matter how nice of an environment they create for you, fireplaces and candles can be very dangerous to your dog. So be sure there's proper screening in front of your fireplace. And keep lit candles well out of your dog's reach. Dogs who don't know any better may jump up on counters. So you need to clear them of any dangerous objects, like knives and delicate glass. While you're at it, put any food temptations away too. Use child safety locks on all cabinets in your home which contain harmful items. It's also a good idea to use covered trash cans. Or better yet, place them in areas your dog can't access. And finally, make sure the toilet bowl lid always stays down. Many dogs will try to drink from the toilet, and bowl cleaners can be extremely dangerous. Remember, your new dog is counting on you to keep him out of harm's way. By taking the time to make some simple adjustments, you can help ensure your new best friend's happiness and well-being.