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Video: Grooming Tips From FURminator

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Grooming Tips From FURminator

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Hear a few grooming tips from the FURminator grooming expert.


Hear a few grooming tips from the FURminator grooming expert.

Hi. I'm Chris. I've been a professional groomer for nearly 30 years. I'm excited today to tell you about Furminator's new line of grooming tools. These high-quality tools will help you achieve professional standards at home. The first step at in-home grooming is brushing. Regular brushing helps keep those nasty mats and tangles from becoming real problems. While brushing can remove many of the mats and tangles, it cannot remove the small [? pin ?] mats. We always recommend that you use a comb as the second step to remove the small mats and separate the hair. Regular coming can help keep your pet's coat tangle and debris-free, while leaving a healthy sheen to the coat. Furminator also carries a nail grinder and clippers for the final grooming step. Dogs need their nails trimmed regularly, usually every three to four weeks. With the proper tool, trimming your dog's nails is simple and painless. Don't forget to check out the complete line of Furminator products. Remember, a well-groomed pet is a happy, healthy pet.