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Video: How to - New Pet Snake Care

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How to - New Pet Snake Care

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Are you bringing home a new pet snake? You’ll want to get all your basic supplies ready first.


Are you bringing home a new pet snake? You’ll want to get all your basic supplies ready first.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Snakes are a great twist on a traditional pet. But before you bring home your slithery new sidekick, be sure to get all your basic supplies ready. You'll want to start by setting up your snake's habitat. Depending on species, young snakes can live comfortably in a 20 gallon habitat, while fully grown snakes may need a bit more room to unwind. Your habitat will need a secure screen top, so your snake doesn't escape. Inside the habitat, spread substrate across the bottom. Use Aspen shavings, coconut fiber, or reptile bark, depending on the species that you have. Provide a cozy hideaway large enough for your snake to curl up inside, and choose store bought decor. Never put outdoor items in your habitat, because they can be harmful or toxic to your snake. Add a large water dish to give your pet a place to soak and to help increase humidity. Snakes are cold blooded by nature, so you'll have to provide a heat source. Set up an overhead basking lamp and an under tank heater to keep your snake at the proper temperature for that species. You'll also need gauges to monitor proper temperature and humidity levels. Buy a feeding tank and stock up on properly sized frozen rodents before your new snake moves in. Use the separate tank so your snake doesn't associate your hand or the habitat being opened with feeding time. Pet snakes should eat frozen, thawed rodents. You can buy them in a variety of sizes based on the age and size of your snake. Younger snakes will eat once or twice a week, while older snakes eat less frequently. Bringing home a snake can be an exciting and stressful event for both you and your new pet. With a little prep ahead of time, your snake can quickly start to settle right into his new home with you. Many pet snakes can be tamed and socialized with regular handling. Always wash your hands before and after handling your pet reptile, and never let children under the age of five handle a snake. To learn more about caring for your snake, talk to a Petco partner in store. [MUSIC PLAYING]