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Video: Adoption Story - Christine, Giorgio and Mercedes

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Adoption Story - Christine, Giorgio and Mercedes

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Christine has a special place in her heart for adopted animals, watch her story here.


Christine has a special place in her heart for adopted animals, watch her story here.

....I think when I decided to become an adoptive pet parent, it was because the dog I was in love with that I purchased from a pet shop passed away. And it was around the same time the Internet first became active and started getting awareness of what was going on. I learned about puppy mills and where dogs and pet shops came from. And a friend of mine located George in a pet shop when he was six months old. And no one wanted to buy him because he was too big. So she couldn't stand it so she bought him and I adopted him from her. So he was my first adopted dog. And then he led the way after that I was very active in fight against puppy mills and spreading awareness for adoption of dogs and cats, especially from shelters. Well since George, there was China who was another Maltese, I became active with a rescue group that had a little shelter of our own. We would take dogs and cats who were still in their own homes and publicize them to try to find them new homes before they ended up in shelters. The National Pet Adoption Reunion is a great idea especially with the Mayor's Alliance and the New York City's Animal Care Control. The Mayor's Alliance does so much. The whole world of adoption in Manhattan is completely different, a thousand percent improved because of the Mayor's Alliance. And foundations, like the Petco Foundation and events like this. People who aren't aware, you know they can just be passing by, walking their own dog and suddenly they become aware. Mercedes owner was hospitalized , the senior who wasn't coming out of the hospital. And there's Mercedes at 12 years old in the Animal Shelter, she was about 2 hours away from being put down. All of my money, all of my efforts go into animal care and rescue. It isn't cheap certainly, especially in a city like New York. You have dogs that need to be groomed, grooming is expensive. When they get old, they need certain foods. I won't have a car and I most certainly won't have a Mercedes so when I adopted Trincessa, I decided to call her Mercedes.