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Video: Adoption Story - Erika, Cubby and Ginger

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Adoption Story - Erika, Cubby and Ginger

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Hear how Cubby and Ginger captured the heart of pet parent Erika.


Hear how Cubby and Ginger captured the heart of pet parent Erika.

I became an adoptive pet parent when I moved to New York City and I went to the shelter and found a baby. I got Ginger first and then Ginger and I went together and we found Cubby. The mother came into the shelter with babies and so we got one of the baby dogs. We were so lucky when we got Cubby because we were able to socialize her since she was a baby and now she's a therapy dog. She goes out and visits schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and spreads love around the city. Cubby has met so many people being a therapy dog and one of her favorite things to do is to meet children. She goes into schools and interacts with children and teaches them about adopting pets and being humane dog guardians. So we love that because she's teaching the next generation and helping them to adopt dogs and be good pet parents. Having two dogs is wonderful. They play together, they are best friends. I love to watch them play. Coming home at night and watching them interact is one of the best things in the world. Go out and adopt a dog it will change your life. It will bring so much joy to you and you will be able to help other people. Going out and being a therapy or going to fundraisers. It's just a wonderful thing.