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Video: National Adoption Reunion in New York City

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National Adoption Reunion in New York City

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Go behind the scenes at the National Adoption Reunion New York City Launch Party.


Go behind the scenes at the National Adoption Reunion New York City Launch Party.

[MUSIC PLAYING] So today's event is all about pet adoption. And at Petco, every day, we talk about think adoption first. It's something we practice with all of our store associates all across the company. So we're really encouraging folks to come in this weekend. It's our first ever national adoption reunion event. Come in and visit shelters and look at potential animals that are up for adoption. And we're hoping people take a new little critter home to their families. [MUSIC PLAYING] (SINGING) This is the start of something good. Don't you agree? We're paying some attention to some of the great work Petco's done. They've raised a bunch of money since 1999 and found homes for over three million animals. And what we're going to do is help people become more aware of the idea that animals need to be adopted and they're in shelters all over the country. And a lot of people are trying to bring some attention to that. Our idea at the Petco Foundation is to help homeless pets find their forever home. I'm here to present his beautiful van to the Mayor's Alliance. It's going to be going to all the Petco stores in the city and doing adoption events there. Well, this was an amazing, amazing gift to receive from the Petco Foundation as part of their national pet adoption awareness campaign, which is kicking off here today. This van is going to help us increase our adoptions amazingly, because in New York City, obviously, we don't have a lot of open space. So these vehicles are perfect for us to bring our animals to the people. We call pets to the people. We go in the nice happy locations, like Central Park here, or outside in one of the Petco stores. And people get to meet our cats and dogs and rabbits that we have available for adoption. So this is really going to help boost our adoptions in New York City, which is just what we need right now. [MUSIC PLAYING]