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Video: PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door

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PlexiDor Door Mount Pet Door

Length: 1:37 Added: Nov-10 Views: 3394

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Video featuring products available on

Hi. I'm Suzanne. In my last video, I told you why I hate my old dog door. It's ugly, it's virtually uncleanable, the flaps are torn, and it lets my precious air conditioning out. More importantly, our boxer, named Cinnamon, deserves better. I'm pretty excited to get a new one. So I ordered this PlexiDor pet door online. And it came in this box. It's not too heavy. And we're going to open it up and see what the fuss is all about. I have heard that these PlexiDors are a cut above. And I did do some research online and saw that a lot of other families have had good experiences with this. So here goes. OK. So we've got it all laid out here on the table, what you would see when it comes out of the box. This is the main part of the dog door, with the acrylic panels that the dog would pass through. And at this point, the security door is still attached to the front. Next to it, we have the frame, which is what you would see from the outside of the house-- nice and clean, a good-looking aluminum color. This is the frame, the top and bottom of it, that goes inside your wall. This is the sides of what goes inside the wall. And then you have some sealant. In addition to the hardware, you've got a nice set of instructions, a template to help you make an appropriate cut in the wall, an owner's manual, and tips on how to keep it clean. So we've shown you what comes in the box when you order a PlexiDor pet door. On the next video, we'll show you how easy it is to install.