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Pet Loo

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[MUSIC PLAYING] With busy schedules and apartment living, your dog's potty habits can be a hassle. But we have the perfect solution to midnight bathroom breaks and traditional floor pee pads. The Pet Loo from PetSafe is a portable indoor outdoor potty that you can use almost anywhere. Once your dog uses the Pet Loo, the urine drains through the synthetic grass mat and runs down the slanted tray into the removable collection bin. A disposable pee pod tray lines the collection bin and works with the wee sponge powder to immediately absorb and solidify your pet's urine into a gel for a mess and odor free clean up. To hold the grass mat in place, attach the grass clips to the sides of the Pet Loo. Most dogs adjust quickly to the Pet Loo, but if they need any help our unique attractant, Skip to my Loo, is a great training tool. The Pet Loo is available in three convenient sizes. And a full line of replacement grass mats, pee-pod pads, and enzyme cleaners are available for a complete solution. Give your dog the freedom to take his own bathroom break with a Pet Loo Portable Potty.