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Video: Dig Defence Animal Barrier

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Dig Defence Animal Barrier

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Video featuring products available on


Video featuring products available on

Thank you for choosing Dig Defense to protect your pets and property. In this video, you will learn how to properly install an XL model. To begin installation, you will need the Dig Defense unit, a pair of gloves, and a hammer of any type. This video will show installation with a wood privacy fence. During installation be sure to leave the top lateral line flush with the bottom of the fence to create a backstop for the unit. If installing with chain link fencing the unit can be interlocked with the bottom links of the existing fence to help tie the fence with the ground. Set the unit in place where the protection is needed. Now using the hammer, strike alternate points of the unit until it reaches the desired depth. Consistently move up and down the unit during installation to help ensure a smooth transition into the ground. Dig Defense also offers a speed tool for quicker installation. With this tool, you can increase the power of the hammer strike while moving the tool back and forth on the unit. [MUSIC PLAYING] If you find a rocky point or area where installation is not achievable for a certain part of the unit, a bolt cutter can be used to easily remove the spike or spikes that are coming into resistance. [MUSIC PLAYING] When properly installed, you can be assured to extend the protection of your fence and stop the dig. Thanks again for choosing Dig Defense. Be sure to check out our other videos for more information. [MUSIC PLAYING]