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Video: Kurgo Wander Pack Features and Benefits

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Kurgo Wander Pack Features and Benefits

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The Kurgo Wander Pack is built strong to withstand rugged outdoor conditions yet functional for a day trip. h ttp://


The Kurgo Wander Pack is built strong to withstand rugged outdoor conditions yet functional for a day trip. h ttp://

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hello. My name is Kitter Spader. I'm the owner of Kurgo Products and the designer of the Wander Pack. Today, I'm going to go through some of the features and benefits of the Wander Pack and hopefully give you a little more insight on how it works and how it can be used for you and your friend. Today, I've got my stuffed dog here as a demonstrator, and I'll just walk through some of the great features that we've added to it. First of all, you'll notice on the Wander Pack there are reflective strips all over it. The reflective strips, we find, are great if you're out hiking, and you're [? sign ?] in the woods, you can find your dog, or if you're walking along the road. It's just a great safety feature. Another feature of the Wander Pack is we have another D-ring back here. So you can hook this to any of the leashes. You can use this D-ring, or you can hook it to the dog's collar. My preference is hooking it to the pack itself. It gives the dog a little more space. They're not right under your foot, and for longer trips, it means that it's not pulling on their neck the whole time. In addition to that, the pack fits between a 35 to an 80 pound dog. Essentially the packs they drop down either side. So for a larger dog, you want the pack pretty much off the sides of their torso. And what we also find is there are a lot of people that, when they buy a puppy, they'll buy this pack. As the dog grows, they can basically expand the pack up a little bit more. Additionally to that, we're finding that a lot of people are using it as an exercise tool. Like humans, there's an obesity problem with dogs. So what we'll do is we'll put a 16 ounce bottle in each side. It will add a little more weight to the dog. So a 20 minute walk really has a lot of benefit to the dog, and they can get a lot more exercise. Once again, great universal pack, it's waterproof. It's got two storage pockets, one-size-fits-all, and it's something that we love. Thank you very much and go [? together. ?]