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Video: Meet Vegas - The Guide Dog Puppy

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Meet Vegas - The Guide Dog Puppy

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Hear how Vegas got his name and support from National Guide Dog Month.


Hear how Vegas got his name and support from National Guide Dog Month.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Vegas came into our lives probably three months ago. In walked this little chubby puppy on a leash. And they told me that was the puppy we were going to raise. We told people that knew us, who met Vegas, the story behind how he was named and the folks who named him. So just to be able to go to Petco today and meet some of those folks is fantastic. And hopefully, they enjoy it too. Hey, Vegas. John, on behalf of Natural Balance, I want to congratulate you and your whole store on the great job you did last year with National Guide Dog Month. Thank you. You guys were the top fundraising store in your region. And you had the opportunity to name a puppy. And now you've had the chance to meet this puppy, who you guys paid for with your fundraising effort. How does that feel? Oh, we're all very excited, actually. We have people that-- our associates came in on their day off just to meet the dog. So we're all very excited to see Vegas. Without the donations, I mean, we wouldn't have this opportunity. And I consider this an honor. I mean, it's a great responsibility for us. But it's a real honor to be able to have this little puppy. And so I can't thank everyone enough for making this possible for me and my family. [MUSIC PLAYING]