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Video: Adopting the Right Dog

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Adopting the Right Dog

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Helpful tips on how to adopt the right dog into your family.


Helpful tips on how to adopt the right dog into your family.

To help ensure a lasting relationship, you'll need to choose the right dog for your family. So here are the things you'll need to consider before you adopt. First, ask yourself if you can afford a dog. Research suggests an average dog will cost about $1,000 a year. Second, consider whether you have the time it takes to exercise, train, and play with your dog. Then you need to consider the personality you're looking for. Are you seeking a cuddly lap dog? A playful active one? Or perhaps a friend for your kids? When considering size, keep in mind that the size of the dog doesn't determine the amount of energy he'll have. Now, a common mistake people make when adopting is choosing a dog based on his looks rather than his personality. For instance, if you have other pets or children, it's important to know if the dog you are considering adopting will get along well with them. The shelter volunteers and staff interact with the dogs daily, so ask for their opinions to help make an informed decision. Another decision many adopters consider is whether to get a purebred or mixed breed. Adopting a purebred allows you to research some common characteristics that typically accompany the breed. However, adopting a mixed breed dog will always guarantee that you'll get a one of a kind dog. And finally, we all know puppies are cute and can be lots of fun, but they can require a lot of your time for training and some heavy duty supervision. While most people are immediately drawn to puppies, we encourage you to consider adopting an adult dog. Adult dogs are often housetrained and some even know some basic training and tricks. To begin your search for your new best friend, we recommend starting with It's the largest pet adoption site in the world with over 250,000 pets available for adoption from over 10,000 animal welfare organizations nationwide.