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Video: Unleashed by Petco

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Unleashed by Petco

Length: 1:42 Added: Aug-24 Views: 274335

Get a glimpse inside the store experience at Unleashed by PETCO.


Get a glimpse inside the store experience at Unleashed by PETCO.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Unleashed is really like walking to an old mom and pop shop, except it's got the experience and knowledge of Petco. It's a great social gathering place. It's a great place to meet other pets in the neighborhood. We make sure all of our associates are providing each customer with the best experience that they can possibly have. Cyber is an older dog, so she has special needs and dietary needs. I'm actually feeding her vegan food, and the knowledgeable associates at Unleashed by Petco have been super helpful in showing me exactly what would be a great food for her. [MUSIC PLAYING] Having all those people that come in for you, and they seek your expert advice, is probably one of my favorite things. I like being that trusted expert here. [MUSIC PLAYING] Got a lot of regulars coming in. And everybody knows the name of them and their pets. It's just really nice environment to work in. [MUSIC PLAYING] She just loves to sniff and smell and see all the new toys. And she gives me the ideas of what to buy. [MUSIC PLAYING]