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Video: National Guide Dog Month

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National Guide Dog Month

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Eva La Rue, Omar Miller and Dick Van Patten share about National Guide Dog Month.


Eva La Rue, Omar Miller and Dick Van Patten share about National Guide Dog Month.

(0:01) Eva Larue: Hi, I'm Eva Larue. (0:02) Omar Miller: And I'm Omar Miller from CSI: Miami. (0:03) Eva Larue: We're here with our very good friend, Dick Van Patten to ask for your support this September during National Guide Dog Month. (0:10) Omar Miller: It's estimated that over ten million Americans are blind, or visually impaired. Fortunately guide dogs can help these individuals remain independent. (0:19) Dick Van Patten: And that's why my Natural Balance pet food is so proud to team up with Eva, Omar and Petco to help guide dog schools place more guide dogs with peope who really need them. (0:30) Eva Larue: Do you know that it takes over two years and forty thousands dollars to train one guide dog. These life changing guide dogs are then given at no cost to the people who don't have the gift of sight. (0:41) Omar Miller: All of September Petco and Natural Balance are raising money for guide dog schools all across the country. (0:45) Dick Van Patten: Blindness affects the heros in our lives, young and old; Moms, Dads, Brothers, Sisters and even those who serve our country in the military. (0:55) Eva Larue: Guide dogs are heros too that provide safe mobility, loving companionship and restore confidence to their handler. (1:01) Omar Miller: Help a puppy become a hero. Please make a donation during national guide dog month. (1:06) Dick Van Patten: Through the month of September, stop in at your local Petco, or visit, to learn how you can support guide dogs. (1:17) Eva Larue: Through the gift of a guide dog, together we can make a real difference.