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Video: How to Care for a New Pet Bird

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How to Care for a New Pet Bird

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Do you have a new bird? Bringing a bird home requires some advanced planning.


Do you have a new bird? Bringing a bird home requires some advanced planning.

Bringing a new bird home requires advanced planning. Here are some tips that will help your feathered friend calmly adapt to her new surroundings and to you. Habitat selection and setup is crucial to your bird's well-being. Choose one that's sturdy and fits her needs. Do your research to determine the ideal size, style, bar spacing, and perch diameters for your species of bird. Make sure your bird can move around, extend her wings fully, and exercise in her new habitat. Parakeets, finches, and canaries require space for flying, while cockatiels enjoy vertical height for climbing. Birds are very sensitive to fumes and extreme temperatures. So keep your habitat away from the kitchen and away from heating and air conditioning vents. Get necessities, such as feeders, water dishes, perches, and a cuddle bone and holder. Place her habitat against the wall near family activities. She'll enjoy the company and feel more secure. You can buy habitat liners, or use newspaper, or paper bird litter. A habitat with a pull out bottom tray keeps your birds droppings out of her reach and is easy to clean. Vary perch diameters and placement. But don't position them above your birds food and water. Choose toys appropriate for her species. These could include ladders, swings, and rings, or interactive tree dispensing toys that entertain. Get food for your bird that she's used to and maintain that for the first week. Any changes to her diet should be gradual. One of the best ways to respect your birds need for peace and quiet is to cover her habitat so she has at least 10 hours of darkness to sleep. Within the first week, schedule an appointment with a veterinarian who specializes in birds for a complete checkup and nutrition advice. Preparing for the arrival of your new bird will help make her transition a smooth one.