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SmartScoop Self-Scooping Cat Litter Box uses a single assembly motor unit that moves on a track outside of the litter box, so litter won't clog gears and prevent the unit from working. http://www.petc

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For a fresher litter box, the only serious choice is the SmartScoop self-scooping litter box. SmartScoop is designed to meet the challenge of odor control and everyday cleaning. It's the only litter box that gives you the SmartScoop advantage. Fifteen minutes after your cat leaves the box, SmartScoop begins a cleaning cycle. Waste and clumps are scooped up and trapped in the waste bin, locking in odors and keeping the area fresh and clean. And SmartScoop is so easy to empty. When the biodegradable, no-touch waste bag is full, just tie it and toss it. Best of all, SmartScoop disassembles in seconds and is easy to clean. Just discard the used litter, and clean the pan, litter rake, and waste bin. With the SmartScoop self-scooping litter box in your home, you can spend less time with the box and more time with your cat.
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