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Doctors Foster + Smith Dog Food recipes are innovative and thoughtfully crafted to offer optimal everyday wellness and solution focused nutrition for your dog.

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[MUSIC PLAYING] Petco makes it easy to find the right food for your pet. And now we're proud to introduce the innovative formulas of Doctors Foster and Smith. These are health and wellness pet foods, crafted with care for the comprehensive health of your pet. Recommended by Doctors Foster and Smith, these formulas are backed by years of vet experience and made with only wholesome ingredients you can trust. They're specially formulated for dogs who might have digestive or weight challenges, or skin and coat issues. Doctors Foster and Smith formulas offer great solutions, and even great everyday wellness formulas for maintenance. 

Doctors Foster and Smith is a very unique and affordable brand that is focused on formulas that have positive impacts on a pet's health. 

Take on health concerns one bite at a time with Doctors Foster and Smith solution based formulas, featuring antioxidants and canine probiotics to help maintain digestive health, and omega 3 fatty acids for a healthy skin and coat. Or choose from every day wellness formulas to add a tasty variety to your pet's diet. 

Which has great ingredients that you can feel good about giving to your pet every day. 

Discover a new recipe for good health. Doctors Foster and Smith pet food formulas make it easy to find innovative formulas that your pet will love. In fact, they're guaranteed to love it, or you can bring it back. We're pretty sure you won't have to. 

The easy choice for your pet's comprehensive health and wellness, Doctors Foster and Smith.

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