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Video: Deluxe Repto Habitat by TetraFauna

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Deluxe Repto Habitat by TetraFauna

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Learn about the special features in the Deluxe Repto Habitat from TetraFauna.


Learn about the special features in the Deluxe Repto Habitat from TetraFauna.

.... Mickey Stoll: This is our Deluxe Reptile Habitat. It's designed by TetraFauna in conjunction with leading reptile expert Ron Tremper. We've designed in a number of special benefits and features into this environment to make getting in and out and caring for your pet a lot easier than a lot of others. First thing that we've done is, access into the environment sometimes can be a little challenging while you're trying to hold your reptile and get in at the same time. So we've designed a hood that can be accessed by one hand, so you can still hold your pet while getting into the habitat and set your animal in and out. It does lock completely closed, so that even the most aggressive animals can't really get out of this screen, even small snakes, because it's totally seamed around the edges with cord routing and completely secured in. Some pets don't necessarily like to be approached from the top particularly when you're dealing with some reptiles. So we've designed sliding front access as well, so that the door can be opened up and you can approach the animal from the side without scaring them as much as coming from the top. We've designed in the front, ventilation notches, so that some of the gases that are heavier, that can't escape from the top, can come right out the side here. So we have inside a decorative reptile filter, that we've paired it up with, to create not only a nice focal feature with the waterfall, but also with a natural stone look. Inside is a full three stage filtration. If you're in an area where you need additional security for your pet, there are notches built for the top screen and the sliding front door where you can put in a padlock, so that they can not be accessed at all. It's completely secured. One of the other features that we've added to this is, if you are using it as a terrarium, where you have water inside, instead of siphoning the water out of the top, we've put in an additional feature that allows you to put a hose right to the bottom drain of this terrarium. And then, ended up with we a plug, right here inside the terrarium where you can remove the plug and drain the water right out of the bottom of the tank. Keeping your terrarium clean and doing regular water changes is easy as it possibly could be.

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