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Video: Potty training your dog, for pet parents

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Potty training your dog, for pet parents

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Potty training your dog, for pet parents -


Potty training your dog, for pet parents -

[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, my name is Fanna Easter. I'm Petco's national dog training lead. One of the biggest questions that we get from pet parents is, how do I potty train my puppy? Well, I can tell you, there's three easy steps. One is going to be a crate. Second is going to be a set schedule. Third is bringing your dog potty and bring him in the yard and make it the most interesting and most fun thing they can do. [MUSIC PLAYING] With a crate, you want to make sure that you have a crate that is large and small enough for your dog to stand up, turn around, and lay down. What you want to make sure you don't do is get too big of a crate so that your dog actually can play around in the back. What happens is, if the crate's too big, they end up pottying in the back, sleeping up front. If you get a large breed of dog, you can definitely get a crate that will fit them when they're an adult. But there's these really nice dividers. Make sure that you use the dividers and you move them as needed for that pet, as the puppy actually grows The second point that we want to talk about is a set schedule. I will tell you, that's the biggest secret. What you want to do is make sure that you set a schedule for your puppy that you're going to use every day. Maybe the puppy wakes up at 8:00 AM. They go potty. You bring them in. They eat at 8:15. Another tip is they actually will want to go and potty after they eat. It's usually going to probably be number two that they need to do after they're eating. Bring them back in. Have supervised play time. But always make sure that when your puppy is loose in the house, you're always watching them. If you get a phone call, pick up the phone. Say hang on one minute. Take your puppy, put them in a crate with the food-stuffed Kong. Then go back and you can answer the phone, because what you don't want is the puppy actually to make a mistake. I always kid and joke around that every time the puppy actually potties outside, you took one step forward. If your dog or your puppy potties inside the house, you've taken two steps back. So basically, we're playing a game of Hot and Cold. Use the set schedule to make sure that you're keeping supervised play time with your puppy and you know exactly-- almost put them on a schedule when they will need to potty. Third point is, what do you do when you bring your puppy out to go potty? Many times, I hear, I put him outside to go potty. Guess what. He didn't do anything. The big secret there is bring your puppy on leash. You need to be there so you know that the puppy has actually pottied so you can reward. This is where we want you to go potty. So we recommend, put your puppy on a leash. Get some treats. Go outside in the most boring part of your yard, where there's no kids, no dogs, no birds. Sit there, make like a tree, and hold your leash and wait. Eventually, your puppy will sniff, and it will happen. Once it happens, make sure you say, good job. And give lots of treats and do the happy potty dance afterwards so that your puppy will start to learn, oh, it's outside where you want me to go potty, not in the back formal dining room of the house. Always remember, we're here to help you. Swing by your local Petco store. Give them a call. We're always offering free potty training seminars. We are here to help you. [MUSIC PLAYING]