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Video: PETCO Dog Training Class Overview

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PETCO Dog Training Class Overview

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Get a glimpse inside a PETCO Dog Training Class.


Get a glimpse inside a PETCO Dog Training Class.

Welcome to Petco dog training. We've got a brand new dog training program here, the Petco positive dog training program. It builds a strong bond between the pet parent and the canine itself. We've got classes for all breeds, all sizes, and all ages. We can take them starting as low as 8-12 weeks all the way up until a 15 year old dog. The beauty of dogs is that they live in the now so you can change them at any time. It's just a matter of getting in there and receiving the right training. If we teach them that Bentley means we're about to have fun then we're going to go off running and you get to chase me, they'll come every time. So if you ever catch yourself trying to correct the dog from doing a minor behavioral issue and you're not successful at it then you should seek help. Well, a group course is usually more for someone who is looking to get the socialization out of the class as well. It takes a lot more work to get your dog to focus with other distractions in the area. Whereas a private course is if you're having more of a struggle or if you just don't want to deal with the eyes. You're more than welcome to come in here and just work with me one on one. I want her to take that 180 turn and have her pay attention to me. Ready, come, come, come, come, come. Without pulling the leash. Good girl. So when she comes back that's when she'll get the treat. All right let's try another one. You're probably going to plan on doing six hours with me. I can choose the group course. That will be once a week and you'll be with three or four other dogs in the class most likely. It's really I'm training you. It's six hours to train the human and then you get to go home and you get to put in all the work. That's what it's going to take to build that real strong bond between the two of you. Then come back, nice and slow. Small treat, good girl.

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