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Video: The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

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The Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition

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Learn more about the Waltham Centre in this short video.


Learn more about the Waltham Centre in this short video.

The Waltham Center is the hub site for scientific research that benefits pets. And the whole point of this research is to support The Mars pet care brands. So, this is a center for nutrition. And it allows us in a very controlled way to answer some very defined science questions. So what does a dog breed need nutritionally? What does a cat need as its growing up? We've been looking at nutrient plans for the last 50 years. And over that time, we've made some significant scientific breakthroughs that have featured in all pet feeds available today. Examples of that would be the understanding of the balance of central amino acids that dogs require. Like through to the work we're doing today is to really understand Vitamin A requirements in puppies. And these feature in all the pet feeds available today in the marketplace that claim to be completely balanced. So, this research has been absolutely fundamental, not just for us as a corporate, but for the whole industry. This is one of our dog socialization areas. It's a great place for our puppies to play. Caring science really means working together in partnership. We actually spend a lot of time training and working with the cats and dogs. It's all part of the bond and the relationship between a researcher and the pet. So the pets look forward to working together with the researchers to achieve some incredible results. The work we do is very collaborative. Our key principle in large is quality. And here, we are very well poised to answer that principle, but actually working with people who are best in the field and amazing things happen. I love Waltham because it's a really unique place where actually the pets and the people are equally valued and equally important in achieving the scientific results that we are striving for. Actually, understanding pets, and benefiting pets, building a better world for pets in the future is a huge passion that the Mars family share. And it gives us a fantastic freedom to invest in places like Waltham.