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Video: Next Steps in Wild Birding

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Next Steps in Wild Birding

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Tips in Wild Birding.


Tips in Wild Birding.

After you have birds coming to your backyard, and you're enjoying the experience, there's a few tips in order to really enhance that experience and to make it grow. A lot of people cite the fact that they like to get a larger variety of birds in their backyard. So in order to do that, you have to put out different types of food. So you started with a basic feed and feeder mix, and now it's time to add a tube feeder with some Niger seed in it, and that will begin to draw in very colorful finches; or a platform feeder with some safflower in it, and that will draw in cardinals. So try adding different varieties of food and feeders to your backyard experience, and you'll be getting more birds and a larger variety. Another very important tip is that you keep the feeders full at all times. If the feeders are left to become empty, what'll happen is the birds will actually disappear and move on to a different habitat.