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Video: Canidae Under the Sun

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Canidae Under the Sun

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Video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Choosing a pet food that provides quality nutrition without breaking the bank can be a challenge. CANIDAE Under The Sun provides a budget friendly solution that doesn't compromise on great taste or nutrition. CANIDAE Under The Sun recipes feature a variety of single animal proteins, like chicken, lamb, or white fish, paired with a bounty of farm fresh fruits and veggies. In fact, some of those ingredients are grown on our own farm in Kansas. And all of our recipes are potato free. We also have cans and cups in a variety of flavors and textures cats and dogs will love. At CANIDAE, we believe farm fresh ingredients make great tasting pet foods. That's why we created our grain free CANIDAE Under The Sun line. And we made a budget friendly because we also believe good pet nutrition doesn't have to cost a fortune. Farm fresh ingredients, single animal proteins, made without grains or potatoes, CANIDAE Under The Sun offers a budget friendly solution for people who still want quality nutrition for their pets. Independent and family owned since 1996, CANIDAE is pet food made by pet people. [MUSIC PLAYING]