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Video: Toyota Pet Safety Travel Tips

Toyota Pet Safety Travel Tips - Video Gallery
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Toyota Pet Safety Travel Tips

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Watch this short video by Toyota and learn how to travel safely with your pet.


Watch this short video by Toyota and learn how to travel safely with your pet.

[MUSIC PLAYING] It's something that's really never been seriously addressed before, but clearly, pets are a distraction if they're not buckled in or if they're not secured in a carrier. And so it's really important that we take this message to the pet parents around the world about how dangerous it can be to travel with your pet unsecured. [MUSIC PLAYING] America is a nation of pet lovers. When we travel, we strap down our children, tie down our luggage, but we don't restrain our pets. [MUSIC PLAYING] [INAUDIBLE] we found out that Bob [INAUDIBLE] Toyota were doing this program, we certainly wanted to be involved because we're trying to get this message out there on what's the best way to travel with your dog. [MUSIC PLAYING] When we launched [INAUDIBLE] two years ago, at that time, we knew the vehicle had a lot of qualities that made it easier to use for customers. We also knew that that would be helpful for pets, right? And so we started thinking about how we could encourage our customers to take advantage of that for pets and then also to secure pets more safely [? in their ?] vehicle. [MUSIC PLAYING] The low step-in point for this vehicle and a nice flat floor and a nice flat seat here-- so [INAUDIBLE] very easy for it to get up into that seat. [MUSIC PLAYING] A very wide opening here, a good height overall-- so if you're trying to get a crate into this vehicle, it's going to be pretty easy. [MUSIC PLAYING] The most important safety feature is the driver. So we want to keep the driver focused on the road. And as fun as it is to scratch the dogs head or whatever, that's really not what we should be focused on when we're driving. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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