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Video: Bonding with Your New Bird

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Bonding with Your New Bird

Length: 1:05 Added: Jun-14 Views: 688812

Watch this short video to see how to bond with your new brid.


Watch this short video to see how to bond with your new brid.

So you have your new bird and now you're wondering how to bond with them. To use soft speech [? and ?] slow [? motions ?] is key. You don't want to start off startling your bird. And also, to offer comfort food is another great way to bond, whether it's a bird treat, a fruit, a vegetable-- you'll find out in a quick hurry what your bird's favorite is. Sometimes taking your bird away from the cage and into another room is a good way to bond. Their cage tends to be a safe place and they want to retreat to it, but if it's not around, they'll retreat to you instead. Sitting on the floor can also be another way to bond with your bird. Just take a few moments, almost like you're reading a book to a child. Sit on the floor with some toys and treats and it's sure to be a great success. And finally, remember patience is the key. Relationships don't happen overnight. It may take you a little time. Good luck with your new pet bird.