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Short-haired, long-haired and Dwarf hamsters are clean and captivating companion animals that are best kept individually. Hamsters are known as hoarders because they have cheek pouches that they use t

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....A hamster is a funny looking roly-poly looking rodent that always reminds me of a fat-looking panda. They are interesting in the scientific point of view that all the hamsters kept the entire world today are descendents of one hamster family that was found in the Sinai in the 1930s. And they have been domesticated since then and they are available in all different colors and hair types. They are solitary animals and they prefer to live alone. And they are still nocturnal even though they've been domesticated for thousands and thousands of generations. They prefer to sleep all day. But if you wake them in the morning gently, like I did with these guys here, they will cheerfully interact with us. They need an absorbent bedding in the cage, and there are so many cages that you can get for hamsters. And people think that sometimes these cages with the tubes and the ladders are kind of silly, but it keeps the hamsters busy. They are tubes in there that represent the child's natural habitat and it keeps the child's interest in the hamster. Inside the cage, we have to put a very, very soft absorbent bedding, and this is important to get the right kind of bedding so there is no smell from their urine. That is really important from mom's point of view. They need to eat a mix that is pellets and seeds, four to five with calcium, same thing that was part of their natural desert home. They may be very small creatures, but they are still as dependent on us as dogs and cats are, and they deserve equal care. Remember,as with all pets, the love and attention you give them will reward you everyday.
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