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Rabbits are intelligent, affectionate and social animals that need daily interaction with humans or other rabbits. Chewing is a rabbit's favorite hobby. Spayed or neutered rabbits tend to be healthier

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Of course everyone loves dogs and cats, but not everyone can keep them due to housing and allergy issues. For anyone looking for a pet that can be considered instead of a dog, then a bunny could be the right pet for you, as long as your prepared to give it the eight to ten year commitment that it requires. Now our domesticated bunnies that we keep as pets, vary in size and confirmation as our dogs do. They go all the way up to twenty pound giants, like Harvey here, (xx) giant rabbit, down to these cute little two pound dwarf bunnies. However all of them make wonderful pets. Now most people think that a bunny is a caged animal, but they can actually train to use a liter box like a cat, and they would be much happier when kept in a puppy playpen, with a liter box filled with a soft fluffy absorbent bedding made specifically for small animals, and a grass mat to rest on. The renown bugs bunny of course loves carrots but that's not a natural diet for bunny. How's a bunny going to dig up a carrot by himself? In a state of nature they eat grass, and the best substitute for this is fresh green timothy hay. Rabbits love hay. They'll sleep in it, they roll in it and they'll eat it, their favorite thing in the world which we have to substitute with a quality pelleted food and dark leafy greens such as chicory here. Lettuce is not a good idea. Their teeth grow throughout their lifetime since they chew so much. So we had provide ample chew toys for them, otherwise they are going to find things in your house to chew on and apart from all this they need very little maintenance apart from the daily brushing of their coat and a nail trimming every six weeks or so. Remember as with all pets the love and attention you give them reward you everyday.
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