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Video: African Grey

African Grey - Video Gallery
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African Grey

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Learn more about this type of bird in this short video.


Learn more about this type of bird in this short video.

[MUSIC PLAYING] African gray parrots make exceptional pets. They're gifted talkers and can learn to mimic a variety of household sounds and a variety of voices. They can learn annoying sounds as well. They typically do well with a lot of family members. The plumage of African greys ranges from dark gray to silver with a striking red tail. They're incredibly intelligent but can be prone to psychological problems, such as fearful behavior and feather plucking. African greys require a lot of attention and interaction to remain a good pet. They usually live around 30 years or more, if well cared for. They are stocky birds, similar in size to Amazon parrots. There are other smaller species of African parrots, such as these senegals, Myers, and red-bellied parrots, which also make charming pets. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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