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Video: Finches

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Learn more about this type of bird in this short video.


Learn more about this type of bird in this short video.

- Although most people think of finches as just silly little birds, they're actually as intelligent as parrots are. If you have the time and patience, they make just as nice a pet and can be very interactive. They differ from parrot type birds in the shape or their feet. Parrots have zygodactyl feet, two toes in the front and two in the back. Perching birds like canaries and finches have three toes in the front and one of the back. Canaries are finches as well, but they've been domesticated for such a long time, that we have them broken down into actual breeds, like this little Gloster canary here with the Ringo Starr haircut. All the other finches are different species of birds, but they all have the same diet of seeds and pellets. Like budgies, these birds have a reputation for being sensitive to drafts and cold, but it's actually dirty food, and water dishes that cause problems with them. If a finch drinks out of a soiled water dish, then it's certain to contract a bacteria infection and die. The food, and water dishes have to be as clean as your own drinking glasses. If you wouldn't drink out of it, then don't let your bird drink out of it. Their diet should consist of fresh seeds and vitamin enriched pellets mixed together with a small amount of dark leafy greens every day. They may be small, but they do have plenty of personality and deserve the exact same care that we bestow upon our dogs and cats. Remember, as with all pets, the love and attention, whether it's a big bird, or a small little one like that, you give them will reward you every day.