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Video: How-to Set Up a Rainforest Terrarium

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How-to Set Up a Rainforest Terrarium

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Tips on how to set up your rainforest terrarium from Exo-Terra.


Tips on how to set up your rainforest terrarium from Exo-Terra.

We're going to go over how to set up a proper rainforest terrarium, and the first thing and one of the most important things to do is to provide an absorbent substrate. Now what the absorbent substrate does is it helps maintain humidity while also soaking up any of the excess water in your terrarium. At that point, you want to go on to the lighting. Now, there are different lighting options for different reptiles. A, for example, a red-eyed tree frog or a crested gecko might need a 2.0 reptile bowl whereas, an iguana, for example, would need a 5.0 because they need a little bit more UVB lighting in order to maintain healthy bones. You also want to provide a lot of decorations in rainforest terrariums and this is very important. And a lot of the reason it's important is the reptile does need to feel secure and needs to feel safe. And by all means, make it as natural as possible. You can do anything by adding some bendable vine, and jungle vine, some of our jungle plants, and also even some of the smart plants like the dart frog bromeliad. And make it look as spectacular and as natural like we're running through the rainforest of Costa Rica as you can.