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Video: How-to Set Up a Desert Terrarium

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How-to Set Up a Desert Terrarium

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Get ideas on how to set up your Exo-Terra desert terrarium.


Get ideas on how to set up your Exo-Terra desert terrarium.

So I'm going to go over how to set up a desert terrarium, something that's very easy and very fun. And a lot of your options are you can get very creative. The key things are, as it is a desert, it needs to be dry. And it needs to be hot. So what you need to do is provide the right lighting, like your correct UVB lighting and your correct heat, which is sitting on top of the terrarium here. After that, what we go to is we go to a bedding. And there are a lot of different options as far as bedding goes. I think because it is a desert, sand tends to be the most popular choice. It's definitely not the only choice, but it is the most popular. So you want to provide a relatively deep bedding. And what that does is it promotes natural digging behavior in your reptiles. What you also want to provide are secure hiding areas, along with secure branches or basking areas in order for your reptile to absorb heat. At this point, we go to the aesthetics, as the more natural your terrarium looks, the more natural the reptile feels in that terrarium. And you tend to see it out more. When you provide a hiding spot, it gives the animal the opportunity to forage through the cage, hunt its food, and also find different spots in different areas of the terrarium, like the hot end where it needs to warm up and the cool end where it needs to hide when needed.

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