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Video: Purina Advantage

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Purina Advantage

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Well the last 6 months or so I've noticed issues with the basement steps. I would have to go downstairs and kind of get behind him, give him a little shove. When dogs age, they have similar cognitive dysfunction as, maybe, people do. MCTs are a type of fat. They are medium chain triglycerides. As we age, in people and in pets, the glucose that's the main source of energy for our brain, it's more difficult to get that up in our brain cells. We're providing with MCTs an alternative source of energy. Once a family starts to feed the food, their pet is often revitalized. The food helps the mind operate more like when the pet was younger. Yeah, definitely, I've seen positive changes. I think the stairs is a big one. Now, he's doing it all on his own. I wish for Murphy to have, you know, as many years with us as possible, but I want those years to be quality years.

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