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Video: Carefresh happy habitat with Dr Hess

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Carefresh happy habitat with Dr Hess

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Carefresh happy habitat with Dr Hess


Carefresh happy habitat with Dr Hess

Hi, my name is Lori Hess and I'm a bird and exotic animal veterinarian. I'm here today to talk to you about the Happy Habitat System from CareFresh for small pets. It contains three components. Litter, bedding, and enrichment. All are safe for both people and pets and they're great because they are low dust and they control moisture and odor really well. Most importantly, all are made from cellulose, a sustainable resource. I love them because they're made from paper, which is totally digestible and they're not likely to get a gastrointestinal obstruction if they eat them. So they're really, really safe. We all know that different animals have different needs. And it's great because CareFresh actually provides a chart with the Happy Habitat System that will show you what your pet needs to be both happy and healthy. The first component of the Happy Habitat System is litter. It's great because it's low dust and terrific for both moisture and odor control. And what's really great is that it has [? bedding ?] that provide added enrichment for your little pet at home. It can be used both in the bottom of the habitat and in the litter pan. And what's really wonderful is that CareFresh Litter Plus is available in two sizes for both smaller and larger species. The second component of the Happy Habitat System is bedding. There are actually several types of bedding. The premium soft bedding is really terrific because it's very soft, which is very important because many of the small pets that we have in our homes have no pads on the bottom of their feet, so they're prone to getting sores. And softness in their bedding is extremely important. It also provides great odor control and moisture control and is low dust. And it's wonderful for burrowing and nesting, which is a natural need of these animals. It's also fun because it comes in several different colors including natural, ultra, which is white, several individual colors, and confetti. So choose your favorite or mix and match. Another type of CareFresh bedding is the crinkles bedding. It's actually made from 100% recycled paper and it provides a fun, colorful, and safe environment for these little pets. The springy fun paper crinkles actually help control ferret odors as well by absorbing oils from their skin and from their hair as they play. The third component of the Happy Habitat System from CareFresh is the enrichment component. We know that all pets need mental and physical stimulation. Especially the small animals like hamsters, gerbils, mice, rats, ferrets, and birds. Hide and seek nestables from CareFresh actually provides this enrichment to keep these small pets both busy and happy. It's a great product because it's made from 100% recycled paper and it actually comes in three color blends. You can put them on top of the bedding and you watch your pets nest and play. From the perspective of a small pet veterinarian, which is what I am, I recommend CareFresh products not only because they're so safe for my patients, but also because I've seen thousands of my patients thrive on these products for nearly two decades. The CareFresh Happy Habitat System is both safe and comfortable for your pet and it makes owning a small pet just so much more fun.

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