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Video: Animal Practice

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Animal Practice

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Animal Practice, only on NBC


Animal Practice, only on NBC

Welcome to Crane Animal Hospital, where your pet's needs come first. What? He's doing his rounds? This is the home of NBC's new comedy, Animal Practice. Don't move. Just like that? What'd you do? What? No, what? I did it! No! Just kidding. Here's a behind-the-scenes look. Every day on this show, we have some crazy new animals. We had pigs, we had peacocks. Giant snake, a Bengal tiger. A monkey. Don't suck up to the monkey. A penguin. I gotta go clean this guy's butt. I cannot tell you how humbled I am by these animals and their trainers. All of our animals are used to being on a movie set, and they're used to working with actors. Take it! No, you're doing great. What it takes to put this zoo together on Animal Practice is a lot of caffeine and antacid tablets. This show is gonna be unlike anything that's on television. You've got the best of both worlds: funny weird people with adorable animals. Animal Practice premieres Wednesday, September 26th at 8/7 central, only on NBC.