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Video: I and Love and You

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I and Love and You

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I and Love and You -


I and Love and You -

Hi, my name is Brendan Synnott. I went from making products and buying products for myself to realizing, I want the healthiest for my family. And that includes these guys. So I pulled together the best ingredients with the best people and started a brand called I and love and you. What is I and love and you? It's really my confession of my love affair for my animals. I and love and you. It's not "I love you", because it's a two-way thing going on right here. So we're psyched to provide a total care solution. It's not just about the food. We make naturally healthy food, yummy treats, vitamin and nutritional supplements, grooming care, and flea and tick protection. Everything a well-rounded pet needs minus a tummy rub. We're still trying to figure out how to put that in a bottle. So I hope you and your pets enjoy I and love and you. And get ready for some high fives in the leg with the tail.