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Video: Earth Fair

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Earth Fair

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Planet PETCO helps you take care of your pet while giving back to the earth.


Planet PETCO helps you take care of your pet while giving back to the earth.

We're here at PetCo's corporate headquarters. We're here celebrating our annual earth fair. At PetCo, we believe in healthier pets, happier people, and a better world. And here, today, we're learning how to live in that better world. I'm Natalie [INAUDIBLE]. I'm one of the product development managers. Planet PetCo is-- it's our way of giving back to the earth and developing sustainable products, products from materials that are renewable. We have a wide range of products from cat, dog, companion animal. And our motto is to really support those parents that want to give back to the earth and offer great products, unique, safe, sustainable, renewable. Our packaging is also from recyclable sources. Really nice, fun, fashionable products that are great for your pet and give back to the earth. Welcome, [INAUDIBLE]. is wearing a purple bamboo bath robe with a breathable bamboo blend robe made from our good for the planet fabric that's anti-microbial, hypoallergenic, and strikingly soft. [INAUDIBLE] is proud to be wearing a new [INAUDIBLE] at PetCo collar and lead made from recycled plastic bottles. One plastic bottle will make a collar. Three plastic bottles will make a lead. So my name is David [? Holts. ?] I'm the chief mother trucker, the owner of Green Truck San Diego. This is an all organic mobile food truck. Well, the green truck itself runs on vegetable oil and bio-diesel. So the vegetable we use in our fryer for the pita chips actually can fuel the truck. So aside from the vehicle actually being green, we are all organic, local, and sustainable food. Sophi is sporting an exclusive organic cotton found at PetCo, a pink skulls that is paired with the temp alert technology attached by Love Gear. Protecting your pet from overheating has never been easier with this exclusive temp alert. With this technology, you can rest easy that your pet is playing or resting at optimal temperatures.