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Video: Pet Cancer Awareness

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Pet Cancer Awareness

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Betty White talks about Pet Cancer Awareness month and how you can give back!


Betty White talks about Pet Cancer Awareness month and how you can give back!

Hi, I'm Betti white and this is Demsy. And we're asking for your help. When we hear the word "cancer", Our hearts stop, Specially when it comes to our pets. Sadly one in four dogs over the age of 2 will die from cancer. Our felime friends are also equally affected by this illness. By rising awareness about this unfortunate fact, We can help pet parents every where, Minimise the risk to their pets, And know what types of warning signs to look for in cats and dogs affected by this terrible disease. This May, join PETCO, Morris animal foundation and the blue buffalo company, as we work together to rise money to help find a cure during pet cancer awareness month. Last year with your help, We raised eight hundred thousand dollars to help Morris animal foundation create longer, healthier lives for dogs and cats. thank you to every one who helped us reach this milestone. But we've got more work to do. This year our goal is to reach one million dollars. And you can help by visiting your local PETCO. For each bag of blue buffalo dog or cat food purchased in May, Blue buffalo will donate one dollar to Morris animal foundation. Or you can make a donation of any amount at the register. If pet cancer have already touched your life, As it has mine, Share your story. Gain inspiration from the pets that have beat the odds. Or make a donation online at . with your help we will be one step closer in helping our friends live a longer, healthier cancer free life. Thank you for your support. And thank you Demsy.