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Video: PetSafe Chain Link Dog Kennel

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PetSafe Chain Link Dog Kennel

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Complete full-size chain link kennel kit features rust-resistant galvanized steel construction, pre-assembled gate, all components, and easy to follow instructions.


Complete full-size chain link kennel kit features rust-resistant galvanized steel construction, pre-assembled gate, all components, and easy to follow instructions.

Our pets are important parts of our lives and an important part of having a pet
is providing them space to enjoy the outside so they can get some fresh air and
be dogs. At PetSafe we're committed to developing a variety of options for you
as pet owners so that you can have a safe and comfortable place for your pet.
One of the ways we do this is with our kennels. This video is designed to walk
you through choosing a right location for a kennel, setting it up and getting
your pet comfortable in his new space. A PetSafe kennel is a terrific option
for you as a pet owner they're galvanized so its gonna be a solution for you
for a long time. We also offer a variety of sizes so you'll be able to choose
the one that will work best for your pet and your yard. We also offer expansion
panels so if you choose your kennel larger later you can or if you get another
pet. The first thing you wanna do is choose the right location for your kennel
so we're gonna do that now. So this is the location that im thinking of for my
kennel and as you're choosing yours there's a few things you want to consider.
You want an area that is relatively flat but also has a gentle slope so that
any rain will drain away from the kennel. Shades very important for your pet so
that he stays nice and comfortable in his kennel. If you cant find a shady
place in your yard you should consider getting a sun block top, we make these
specifically for your kennel and they're availible at Next i wanna
think about the kennel's location to my house and the positioning of the gate
so that its extra convenient for me to let my pet in and out of the kennel. So
in this video we'll be installing a 7.5 by 13 kennel. Now there's a lot of
different sizes so whichever one works best for you, this installation will
apply the same. The installation of your kennel should only take a couple of
hours but you may need a bit of help so I've called my buddy mike over to make
the installation extra smooth. Lets get started. Hey mike !

Hey robin!

Alright so we've got our kennel and its in the box, we're going to need a
couple of extra tools. We're gonna need a half inch socket wrench and a set of
pliers. The socket wrench will actually make the job get a little bit faster.
Lets get going! So we're just laying out the bottom frame of the kennel. You
wanna use the pieces that have the slip fit design joint. One of the other
things you wanna think about is the actual layout of the kennel I want mine to
go length wise this way so i got my 7.5 and 13 feet. I also wanna think about
the positioning of my gate. I dont want my gate to run across a joint. So im
gonna put my gate on this end. Now i wanna start actually getting the grame
together. Its really easy you just slit each peice into the other one and we're
gonna do that all around. Next you wanna get your verticle upright poles. These
are gonna make the walls of the kennel. These are the ones that dont have the
slit fit joint on each end. So you're gonna get them and just lay them out
you're gonna lay them out at each corner and if its a long kennel it wil be in
the center of each wall. You may need to consider your manuals to make sure you
have the proper placement of these. Next we're gonna put a clamp on each of the
verticle poles connecting the vertical poles to the bottom of the kennel. So im
gonna take my clamp and im gonna position it on the bottom of my frame and im
gonna position my vertical pole in the clamp as well them im gonna take my bolt
and install it through the small square in the clamp and im gonna take the
other side of the clamp and connect the two and get my nut and tighten the
bolt. You want each of your clamps to be snug but you dont want them to be too
tight. You need to be able to move your verticle pole upwards as you're going
through the rest of the kennel. Now im gonna repeat this process at each one of
my vertical poles. Next im gonna take one more vertical pole this is gonna be
for my gate. So i wanna measure 22 inches from my corner and thats where im
going to put this pole and im gonna use a clamp just like i did on my other
vertical poles. Once i have it attach, im gonna raise these poles up and start
attaching my top frame. Ok so now we wanna start connecting our top frame
peices to our vertical bars and its a good idea to start in this section where
your door is because its smaller and will be easier for you to do. This is also
the area where its a good idea to have a buddy help you. What we're gonna do is
take our clamps and connect our top frame peices to our vertical bars just like
we did on the bottom . Now we're gonna tighten the top and the bottom bolts. Ok
so next we're gonna start attaching the rest of our top frame to the rest of
our frame and go round and attach our vertical poles using our clamps just like
we did on this one go all the way round. Now we're ready to start working with
our chain link and a tip to make it easier on you is to roll it out so that you
unkink any peices. This will make it a whole lot easier to apply to the kennel.
We're gonna move it and do that. So now we're gonna roll our chain link out.
When its packaged, its all really tight together. This is gonna help you spread
it out so that you can apply it to the kennel easier.  You might wanna work in
your drive way or if you have an out stretched lawn that will be fine too. So
now that we've got our fence all rolled out, we wanna walk down the fence and
then inspect it and make sure that all the links are just as they should be and
i actually have a little area i need to correct right here, this is what we're
looking for and can you help me here mike? This link is threaded just a little
bit too high then the rest of the fence so you wanna twist it and rethread it
as needed, hook the peices back together. So thats a quick and easy fix you
just wanna inspect the whole fence and correct this if you see it anywhere. So
we've smoothed out all our kinks, now just gonna roll the chain link fabric
back up so we can start putting it on our kennel. Alright so once you have it
all rolled up, you're gonna take this tension rod and youre gonna slide it in
to the end of the last link and we'll use this to attach the fence to the
kennel. So that now we have this in place we're ready to take our fence over
and start putting it on the kennel. Okey so now we've got our chain link up
against our frame we wanna make sure that as we're rolling it around the kennel
that it does roll to the out side so its easier on us. We wanna get our tension
rod here and we're going to attach this to the frame using this C clams and it
attaches really easily just like that and we're gonna use 4 of them and when
these are in place we're gonna start slowly rolling the chain link around the
kennel. So now that we've made it back to our starting point im gonna hold this
fencing really tight and mikes gonna go around and make sure its good and snug
all the way around the kennel.

Okey its tight.

Alright so once you have your chain link good and tight you wanna measure from
your last pole four and a half inches, This will accomodate your C clamp and on
your last good wire you wanna take the next closest wire and thread it out to
get rid of your excess. Now we're gonna take a tension rod and slide it in this
end link that we have so that we can install our C Clamps. Now its important to
make sure that your chain link is really good and tight for the safety of your
dog and once you've gotten it their we;re gonna attach these wire ties along
the fence. We're gonna do this every fifth diamond at the top and every third
diamond at the bottom and three times on every post. So the next thing is to
attach our gate. We want the female end brackets, we're gonna attach these
directly to the gates using the bolts included. Next we're gonna attach the
male portion of the hinges to the kennel itself and when you do this you wanna
be sure that the bottom hendge is facing up and the top hedge is facing down
this will ensure that your door doesnt move. So we're gonna go ahead and attach
this one and we're gonna snug it up but not too tight alright ill get mike to
set it in place and make sure the hight on the door is good and its perfect.
Now with mike holding the door in place im going to install the top joint
alright and once we have it good and tight we wanna check the hinge and it
works great now we're gonna install our lock. Ok, now we wanna attach our latch
to the actual door not to the kennel. Take this U joint and put it in here now
we're gonna put the back plate into place our nuts and get this good and tight
and we're done we do wanna go back and make sure that all our fittings are
really tight and that the chain link is good and secure this is for the safety
of your dog. now you wanna start acclimating your pet to his new kennel. Angus
come here, you wanna make sure its alot of fun for your pet have a good time
let him go in and let him explore the kennel a little bit put his favorite toys
in here and give him lots of food and treats. We know youre going to enjoy the
freedom that petsafe kennel gives to you and your pet. As you're installing
your kennel and acclimating your pet if you have any questions please call our
customer care center they're standing by to help you and most of all thanks for
choosing petsafe.