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Video: Unleashed by Petco presents Natural Balance

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Unleashed by Petco presents Natural Balance

Length: 2:15 Added: Oct-31 Views: 8258

Unleashed by Petco presents Natural Balance: watch this video featuring products available on


Unleashed by Petco presents Natural Balance: watch this video featuring products available on

[MUSIC PLAYING] Every Saturday, my father would take me to a different pet shop. I had so many animals. Every kind of animal, reptiles, goldfish, mice, everything. I loved them all so much. Here's a TV celebrity at the time who, just because of his interest in helping animals, started something really special. Natural Balance was founded by individuals who just had a deep passion for animals in need. From the beginning, the idea was to give back to animals. It came from the right place. Natural Balance started as a California-based company back in 1989, and we're still right here in the same community. To this day, we are committed to helping animals by donating to local animal charities, not only here in Los Angeles, but across the country. For me, it's a privilege to be part of a company that really cares. Natural Balance started out with the intention to just have the healthiest food available, providing that variety of exotic proteins to meet the needs of different types of breeds. What a dog or a cat would need as if they were going to eat in the wild. Not only are our products made from the best quality ingredients, they're extensively tested for safety. We post the results on our own website, so consumers can see they were tested and cleared to use for their pet. What you do last night, buddy? You have fun? What matters most is the needs of our dogs and cats. With an Unleashed store environment, Natural Balance is able to have its true story be told. Local residents come into an Unleashed store, they talk to an associate who's part of the community, and they get great advice from the heart. It's great to work with a group of people who really care about animals. Our approach has been very much a one-on-one relationship driven business. And everything we've done from the very beginning was make the best possible food, have the highest quality ingredients, and let the product speak for itself.