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Video: Benefits of the 2-Door Crate

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Benefits of the 2-Door Crate

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Video featuring products available on

Hi, I'm Rascal. And this is my ingenious You & Me two-door, folding crate. Me and my mom are going to tell you all about it. [MUSIC PLAYING] You can get started in no time, thanks to the handy You & Me crate training guide. It provides lots of tips and tricks on how to create a positive training experience. First, it's important to select the right size crate. Your dog should be able to sit, stand, turn around, and lie down. When I started to get bigger, my crate magically got bigger too, just by removing this wall thingy. When we want to hang out by my place, sometimes Mom takes the door off completely. I'm still learning, so sometimes I still have accidents. It's OK. My mom has no problem cleaning up after me. Ah, that's right, Rascal. Fortunately, the You & Me leak-proof removable pan makes cleaning a breeze. The paw block and lap lock door technology ensures your pup can't escape on their own. Anybody out there? Oh, goody. We're going on an adventure. Oh, right again, Rascal. The folding design on this crate makes it quick and easy to set up wherever we stay together. When I graduate crate training, mom's going to give me this awesome cover and this comfy bed. My crate will soon become my home inside of my home. Sweet. Thanks, mom. Check out my pad, my new digs. It's an all-out retreat. Did-- did someone say treat? Oh, that was me. The You & Me two-door crate gives your dog a private place of their own and can help make housebreaking and potty training a little easier. And with all of the You & Me features, you're bound to be successful in crate training your puppy. [MUSIC PLAYING]