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Video: Hamster Ball Derby

Hamster Ball Derby - Video Gallery
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Hamster Ball Derby

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Highlights from PETCO's annual Hamster Ball Derby.


Highlights from PETCO's annual Hamster Ball Derby.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Well, today is our Annual Hamster Ball Derby here in Poway. We are looking to have around 20 participants today. And if you can see behind me, we have our track set up. And it's a real exciting time for our small animal customers. She did it last year when she was a little baby. And I figure-- I found out about it when we came to buy her treats and bedding. Heats of four. So we'll set it up. And it's just like our college basketball tournament bracket. So the heat of four, whoever wins will move on to a bracket. And then they'll play the winner of heat number two, and then so on and so on. And then eventually, we'll get our champion. [MUSIC PLAYING] Well, I didn't know what to expect. But then when my son's hamster started winning, I was really excited. [LAUGHING] She won the Hamster Ball Derby. What did you do to practice? We let her roll around the house. I won second place. And I really hoped that she would at least take a place. And I'm glad that she did. I love working this event. It's-- especially seeing all the smiles on the kids' faces. It's funny, and it's just-- oh, it's just fun. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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