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Video: Choosing the Right Nylabone for Your Dog

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Choosing the Right Nylabone for Your Dog

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Veterinarian Recommended Nylabone is specifically designed so dogs can have the benefit of a toy that is durable for chewing.


Veterinarian Recommended Nylabone is specifically designed so dogs can have the benefit of a toy that is durable for chewing.

[MUSIC PLAYING] Nylabone, the leader in responsible animal care for over 50 years, has veterinarian-recommended toys, chews, and edible treats for every dog. Nylabone is dedicated to the health and happiness of our dogs and ensuring all pet parents are satisfied with our safe, natural, and healthy products. Our publishing arm, TFH Publications, has been educating and helping pet parents for decades to build healthy and happy families. Whatever the size, age, or breed of dogs, our famous Nylabone chews can satisfy all types of chewing needs. Assertive chewers can enjoy our Dura Chews-- safe, durable bones that can help prevent destructive chewing. Lighter chewers will love our safe and effective FlexiChews. And our interactive toys not only provide chewing pleasure but hours of fun and mental stimulation. Pet parents who have a new addition to the family can trust Nylabone's safe assortment of chew toys and edibles made just for puppies. Teaching good chewing habits is vital to happy, healthy puppies and pet parents. Made specifically for a puppy's special needs, Nylabone puppy products will help encourage healthy chew habits that will last for a lifetime. Made right here in the USA, Nylabone's edible treats are natural and veterinarian approved. By age three, over 80% of dogs have some form of periodontal disease. Nutri Dent is our most popular edible dental treat available in a variety of sizes, flavors, and pack counts-- highly digestible, with a patented design that gives extra cleaning action to help control plaque and tartar while freshening breath. Nylabone's recent launch of Healthy Living Natural Edible Chews leveraged the popularity of current health and wellness trends. Made with functional ingredients, these natural chews are ideal for pet parents who want a healthy dog chew. Nylabone is proud to introduce our newest edible chew, Happy Time. Full of natural ingredients, loaded with vitamins and minerals, and made with real chicken, these long-lasting chews are designed to keep dogs busy and entertained. Happy Time will be found in your dog treat section. All of our Nylabone products are designed to promote good canine dental hygiene, encourage mental stimulation, and encourage positive behavior. That's a lot of information. So please remember these four things-- Nylabone Dura Chews are ideal for strong chewers and help prevent destructive chewing. Nylabone Puppy Chews, toys, and edible treats encourage the development of appropriate chewing habits that last a lifetime. Nutri Dent dental chews will help promote fresh breath and reduce tartar and plaque. And, finally, Happy Time Chews are found in your dog treat section, are natural, longer lasting, vitamin enriched, and made with real chicken. They are sure to become every dog's favorite. [MUSIC PLAYING]