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Video: Eukanuba Naturally Wild

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Eukanuba Naturally Wild

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Eukanuba Naturally Wild contains no fillers, corn or artificial preservatives. Real meat is the number one ingredient.


Eukanuba Naturally Wild contains no fillers, corn or artificial preservatives. Real meat is the number one ingredient.

[NATURE SOUNDS] [MUSIC] The heritage of dogs is really interesting. Dog ancestors are wolves. People were attracted to them. Through breeding, and through evolution, we have these great big dogs. And we have these tiny dogs. The idea of incorporating a natural diet, that they would normally have in the wild, only makes sense. We do know that dogs are best fed meat. It's the number one ingredient. If Eukanuba was to go with a product formula with exotic meats, I would be the first of many to support the product line. I think it would be much more appropriate in a dog food, kibble form, because it's formulated for them. Inspired by your dog's heritage and nutritional needs, Eukanuba Naturally Wild offers three extraordinary formulas. Country Grown Turkey & Multi Grain, with 100% natural turkey as the number one ingredient. North Atlantic Salmon & Rice, with 100% natural salmon as the number one ingredient. New Zealand Venison & Potato, with 100% natural venison as the number one ingredient. Each Naturally Wild formula is made with 100% real meat, delivering the animal based protein your dog needs to thrive. Dogs are not designed to eat a whole bunch of chemicals. That's not how they ate in the wild. As a nutritionist and a pet owner I'm really excited about Eukanuba Naturally Wild because the first ingredient is meat. With turkey, with venison, with salmon. It's excellent. And it brings in everything that the dog needs and nothing that he doesn't. So you get your meat. You get a great source of carbohydrates for energy. That's what they're designed to eat. A dog needs a high protein diet, especially an active dog. It helps build strong muscles for a nice skin and coat. And it just makes for an overall beautiful dog. It's right on the label. The nutrients, the vitamins and the minerals, and the quality of the ingredients. A natural diet is very important to the dog. If you feed the dog the way Mother Nature intended them to be fed, you're going to get everything that they need in there. The proof's in the pudding. We put all of the best into Eukanuba Naturally Wild. Even if I didn't work for this company, I'd still feed this product, because I really believe in it. It's the dog food Mother Nature would make. Anything that a dog eats should be as close to nature as possible. So wild would be wonderful. Naturally Wild. From your friends Eukanuba. [MUSIC]